Monday, 27 October 2008

Monthly Contract Mobile Phone

If credit crunch survival is important to you, have you asked yourself do you really need a monthly contract mobile/cell phone?

Here in the UK the mobile phone market competition is very fierce especially with the economic down turn and the credit crunch hitting so hard, and the mobile phone networks are always indroducing new packages to entice new customers and retain old ones, so you will never be short of finding a deal that would be good for you! But the question still remains, do you need a monthly phone contract?

Many people have more than one mobile/cell phone, and while we cry that the credit crunch is hitting hard, yet we do little to actually survive these hard times! We are so used to have those 1000 minutes or free time, that we would dare not think of changing our tarrif plan even if we are having difficulties paying other bills! Or maybe it is the lure of the latest mobile phone that we can get as a free upgrade if we continue with that monthly phone contract. The only people gaining during this credit crunch from you continually being on a monthly phone contract are the sales guys and the mobile phone network executives. While you cry about credit crunch survival, they continue to line their pockets with your money.

So do you need a monthly mobile phone contract or more than one mobile phone?

Once upon a time, the only people who could afford a mobile phone where business executives, they cost a furtune to buy, then you had the monthly line rental, and then there were the individual phone call charges. So what has all this to do with credit crunch survival?

The current ratio of mobile phone to users in the UK is 2 to 1, with many having 2 monthly contract mobile phones, and they have trained themselves to believe that they can't survive without these mobile phones, yet many are in debt with credit card bills, loans, utility services not being paid for, and yet they wonder how can I survive. There is a saying that 'every little helps'. If you calculate how much you spend yearly on mobile phone calls, you'd be surprised how much money is being thrown down the drain! We are so used to mobile phones, that someone of us forget that most landline phones can not get free UK landline calls for your current monthly package.

If credit crunch survival is important to you, consider can I use a pay as you go phone instead of a pay montly phone, you might find out that just thinking about the cost of each call would reduce the number of calls you make. If you have a home phone that has free UK landline calls, then why not use it more especially in the evening when your friends family should be home?

A little inconvienience of not being able to make a call immediately is well worth being able to sleep at night and not having to worry about a creditor calling you in the morning. You don't need to bow to peer pressure and buy a new mobile phone with contract when you know you'll have to go into credit and possiblly not be able to afford in in the long run.

Maybe you can get rid of one of your mobile phones as part of your credit crunch survival plan, after all you still have one mobile phone and a home phone that you could still use.

Sometimes you have to give up somethings that you think are important or suffer a little inconvienience to get yourself out of credit debt.

What is your credit survival plan?